Fix Our Harbors

San Mateo County Harbor District

The Half Moon Bay fishing, boating and surfing community would like facilities modernized at Pillar Point Harbor. It's time to fix crumbling infurtructure, chronic water pollution, dangerous working conditions on Johnson Pier, unsafe docks, inadequate public restrooms, outdated visitor serving facilities, poor wifi connectivity and compromised trail access.

Document Retention

Jan. 15, 2014 staff recommendation "Records Destruction" included documents that Harbor District policy requires be retained.  The following are included on the list for destruction (Agenda Item 6 - Exhibit A) included in the Board Packet:

Box #22 May 2007 - August 2007 Checks 

  • Resolution 19-96 Schedule states "Canceled Checks Retention 10 years"

Box #26 1984 Resolutions

  • Resolution 19-96 Schedule states "Resolutions Retention Permanent"

Box #26 1984 Agendas and Minutes

  • Resolution 19-96 Schedule states "Agendas and Minutes Retention Permanent"


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