Fix Our Harbors

San Mateo County Harbor District

The Half Moon Bay fishing, boating and surfing community would like facilities modernized at Pillar Point Harbor. It's time to fix crumbling infurtructure, chronic water pollution, dangerous working conditions on Johnson Pier, unsafe docks, inadequate public restrooms, outdated visitor serving facilities, poor wifi connectivity and compromised trail access.

San Mateo County Deserves a Functional Harbor District


The local fishing and boating community can't take another term of office with incumbent Pietro Parravano and appointed incumbent Virginia Chang Kiraly.

Please vote for new Harbor Commissioners in November 2016.

San Mateo Daily Journal

Coercive and vindictive behavior by commissioners and management has harmed commercial fishing families, recreational fishing & boating, small business owners, the local economy, Harbor District employees, tourism, and water quality. It's time to elect new Harbor Commissioners.

We've included specific examples of what's needed to fix the Harbor District:

Please don't support the following appointed incumbent:

This appointed incumbent hasn't earned our respect, or your vote.


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