Fix Our Harbors

San Mateo County Harbor District

The Half Moon Bay fishing, boating and surfing community would like facilities modernized at Pillar Point Harbor. It's time to fix crumbling infurtructure, chronic water pollution, dangerous working conditions on Johnson Pier, unsafe docks, inadequate public restrooms, outdated visitor serving facilities, poor wifi connectivity and compromised trail access.

Vote 'em out. Here's why...

Financial Mismanagement

  1. The Harbor Commission and General Manager have been covering up a 20-30% structural deficit for over a decade.
  2. Reserve funds are being sucked dry to cover operating activities.
  3. Post-employment benefit liabilities tripled in five years
  4. In late 2013 a pile of missing checks was discovered in a staff member's desk drawer, totaling almost $40,000. The missing checks dated back as far as 2012.
  5. $100,000 lease in South SF will overlap one full year with the purchase of the building in El Granada. When did the District's Real Property Negotiator inform the Commission that the building was in foreclosure?  Update: The District has since canceled this purchase.
  6. Harbor Commissioners received $1,100 per hour in 2012. Unsustainable, extravagant compensation for part-time Harbor Commissioners has contributed to the Harbor District's steadily declining financial position.
  7. Lavish benefits for grandson of dead commissioner, unsustainable.
  8. The Harbor District does not need a full-time Human Resources Director with under 30 employees. HR management should be outsourced to a consultant on an as needed basis.   
  9. Harbor Commissioners approved giving Fish Buying Lease to low bid and overlooked high bid with a stronger business plan.
  10. Romeo Pier - money wasted on dilapidated pier, sold access rights. Therefore the District didn't have money and missed opportunity to buy the Princeton boat haul out lot.
  11. Perched Beach - spent money for engineering for proposed parking lot with bulkhead and fill and new dock. Project was questionable from the start, lacked public support, and would have been turned down  by permitting agencies.  The District went ahead and spent money for architectural drawings for proposed waterfront administration buildings. 
  12. Perched Beach was designated by the District as dredge dump site in 2012 vs. replenishing beaches along the Princeton Shoreline or moving sand outside outer breakwater to replenish Surfer's Beach and improve coastal erosion south of Pillar Point Harbor
  13. Exit Parking Lot (behind concessionaires building) - proposed admin building and underground parking lot, drawings and engineering study. Another misfire.
  14. Security Cameras were sold for scrap around the time a boat was sunk as an act of retaliation and several truck tires were slashed.
  15. The General Manager and Harbormaster allowed new hoist and electrical to be installed on Johnson Pier without permits, and risked a fine from the County and/or Coastal Commission. Management knows they must contact permitting authorities in advance of a project. Why didn't the do it?
  16. Removed and painted Fish Buyers Hoists and then reinstalled Dave Mallory's hoist incorrectly on Johnson Pier causing an accident that resulted in a hoist falling into the water and sinking to the bottom of the harbor. Why did the Harbormaster remove privately owned hoists at the Districts expense, have a contractor paint them, and then improperly reinstall a hoist owned by Morning Star Fisheries?
  17. Stainless Steel boxes for Fish Buying Fees installed by Harbormaster - never used
  18. Sweetheart lease for Pillar Point RV Lot (KN Properties lease). Check all KN Properties leases -- many or most are sweetheart deals.
  19. Harbor District management never enforced Pillar Point RV Lot lease that requires public access to the restroom facility. They allowed KN Properties to remove the bathroom fixtures and install a washer/dryer and use locked restroom as a private laundry room.
  20. If you haven't yet, please read the scathing 2014 San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury Report.
  21. Peter Grenell, Harbor District General Manager is the President and Chairman of a bank/authority that operated for several years from the Harbor District's administrative office in South San Francisco. After the Half Moon Bay Review published a July 2, 2014 editorial exposing the bank/authority, the banks address was changed to a residential address in Eureka. The new address is the home of David Hull, a paid employee of the bank/authority. Many questions about Grenell's involvement with the bank/authority have been left unanswered. 


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